Who wants some audition tips? We all do! Auditioning is the bedrock of our craft and being able to audition well is a crucial skill. The waiting room before an audition can be a daunting, nerve racking and possibly make you want to vomit kind of place. But it can also be a fun, focused place that gets you perfectly ready for when you walk in front of the camera and do what you love…ACT!

Here are a few audition tips for the audition waiting room that will help.


1) Sit in KNOWING, not hoping.

If you are ‘Hoping’ the Audition is going to go well, then there’s a good chance that’s your red flag letting you know you have under prepared. Make sure you are prepared both with your lines and your character and sit in knowing that this is going to go well because you are a good, no GREAT actor who has done the work.

 2) Know your MOMENT BEFORE.

Remember your scene starts long before action is called and your first piece of dialogue is delivered. If you are already alive and active in your scene before you say your first line then you are going to start with a BANG!

 3) It’s not about you! It’s about the CHARACTER.

Remember focus on the WANT of the character and the story of the scene. Try not to focus on your performance.

 4) KNOW THE STORY, don’t just memorize lines.

If you have just memorized the lines then you have a chance of forgetting them and not “delivering” them they way you envisaged when the nerves kick in. But if you have gone in knowing the story and what happens in the scene you can never get lost, even if you fluff a line.

5) The Casting people are ON YOUR SIDE!

They want you to be the one. They need to find their person, and they are hoping almost as much as you are, that you are it!! They want you to SUCCEED! (also it makes them look good to Producers when they bring in good actors).