Get some of the best Acting Training in Australia

SAC is the place for non beginner actors to further refine their craft.

Sydney Actors Collective (SAC) is a non beginner acting school that trains actors to take their craft to the next level. SAC is proud to offer a SAFE and NON JUDGMENTAL environment for students to discover and play.

Acting is about performing with a sense of fearlessness. Failure is not a bad word! While all attempts are made to help you get a deeper connection to the work, onus and importance is placed on being able to take risks and even fail. You will learn just as much from things that don’t work as those that do. The concept of living outside of your comfort zone is a mantra at SAC, as this is where magic happens!

Sydney Actors Collective encourages actors to:

Strive for excellence but not perfection (trying for perfection just causes stress)
Play for organic in the moment experiences but not be right
Experiment to find a performance that feels good and connected but not try and impress.

All teachers are working actors who offer their knowledge, skills and tips and tricks to help you become a better actor. Who better to learn acting from than professional working actors who understand the trenches and the game of acting.

Wonderful successes, glorious failures and everything in between are encountered every night in open, inspiring and exciting classes.Fun is of huge importance to everyone at SAC. If an actor is not having fun then they are not at their best. Each class is meant to be fun, Isn’t that why we chose this career? to have fun!