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Hear from some of Australia's finest actors on the craft of acting.

Georgina Haig on Self Taping

Self Taping - The master of this art could be the super talented Georgina Haig who is making waves in LA, how; by nailing self taping. She has booked huge Hollywood TV shows like Once Upon A Time, Fringe, OutPost (Lead in a US Pilot), Reckless and many more via self...

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5 tips for the audition waiting room

Who wants some audition tips? We all do! Auditioning is the bedrock of our craft and being able to audition well is a crucial skill. The waiting room before an audition can be a daunting, nerve racking and possibly make you want to vomit kind of place. But it can also...

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Dare to be DARING

We’ve all heard the quotes “live life to the fullest”, “be daring, take risks”, “no guts no glory”. These are all quotes that at different times resonate and make us step outside our comfort zone in life but it’s rare that we think to apply those sentiments to acting!...

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SAC founder Chum Ehelepola – WHY ACTING?

CHUM EHELEPOLA has appeared in shows such as Bones, Rake, Moody Christmas and is about to appear on No Activity and Dr Dr. Chum has a career both in the US and in Australia. Chum is co-founder of The Sydney Actors Collective and takes this time to speak about his...

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"ENOUGH" One word - ENOUGGGGHHHHH - Enough of not knowing and questioning that you are in fact, enough. Out of the advice I could share, this is my number one. This stumble of confidence and thought process has been a constant, in my organ of soft nervous tissue...

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