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One word


Enough of not knowing and questioning that you are in fact, enough.

Out of the advice I could share, this is my number one. This stumble of confidence and thought process has been a constant, in my organ of soft nervous tissue contained in my skull, for years. I am hear to tell each and every one of you precious precious delicate artists, or who ever this speaks to, if you haven’t already, it’s time to grow out of it. . Give it up. Kick it out. I’d like to offer you the license of, ”ENOUUGGHHH” today.

It is the delicate balance of staying open, creative, vulnerable and sensitive for the craft, which is the antithesis of handling, auditions, rejection and being persistent with the business side of the industry.

It has taken me a long time to truly know that my constant questioning, “am I funny enough, serious enough, sexy enough, detailed enough” is ok for the craft of my work, as in the work on a scene or a character, the questioning and the curiosity of it. However it’s not ok and it’s time to zip it in regards to ME or YOU!

What you have to bring to the character/audition/scene, is and will always be ENOUGH. No one can do this part the way you will and that is your private and personal brilliance. It’s all you have. It’s all you will ever know, so make sure you put in the homework and then get out of the way of yourself with the questioning and let it go.

Confidence is a little sneaky sneaky character. She can shimmy up on you and latch on for a solid hot forty-eight hours and then dump you over night, leaving you bereft and broken. Grab her by the nether regions daily and take control of her. Tell her where to sit and what to say. Keep her in a downward dog pose or something, (to keep the ego in a healthy and humorous state) until she is your compatriot.

Enough from me now. Go forth and be brilliant.


P.s The industry is small. If you’re in it for long enough, I’ll know you soon. Until then!