One of the best acting schools in Australia is now in Hollywood

Aussie actors are killing it in LA. There’s a reason!


Take this chance to work with Sydney Actors Collective who have trained award winning actors in Australia.



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Top Australian acting school Sydney Actors Collective now in Los Angeles and bringing it’s amazing non beginner acting course to LA. Aussie and British actors are killing it in LA and here is a chance to work with one of the best in Australia.


SAC is a school about acting. That’s it! We are about empowering actors to become better actors through an understanding of craft and also a deeper understanding of the blocks that stop actors from truly diving into a scene or character.

Sydney Actors Collective encourages actors to:

Strive for excellence but not perfection (trying for perfection just causes stress)
Play for organic in the moment experiences but not try and be right.
Experiment to find a performance that feels good and connected but not hope to impress.

Students will be given a scene prior to class from a TV show, film or stage production. They will perform the scene in class, in front of a camera for the class and tutor.  Guidance, direction and notes will be given by the tutor to help actors discover the full potential of the scene and of themselves as actors. How far can the actors go with the scene? Is there full actor commitment? Is the performance organic? What blocks are there? how intensive was the scene analysis…the list goes on. There is so much to discover in a scene that it is basically endless.

The rest of the class will watch the performance on a screen and be part of the process. Not only do students get acting training by  getting in front of the camera but also by watching their peers on a screen.

At the end of the class, students will be given a new scene to prepare for the following week or if there is still room for exploration and discovery, they will bring back the scene next week. If students have a particular scene they would like to work on they are welcome to bring it into class. Students are welcome to bring in an audition scene to class to work on. Each student will then be given a copy of their work on USB to take home on the night and watch their work. They can monitor their progress and see how far their acting training is taking them. THIS CLASS IS AIMED AT NON BEGINNER ACTORS.

SYDNEY ACTORS COLLECTIVE boasts some amazing Australian talent who have worked in training and Masterclasses. Names include NASH EDGERTON (Director of upcoming feature starring CHARLIZE THERON, AMANDA SEYFRIED and THANDIE NEWTON), ANDY WHITFIELD (Star of season 1 SPARTACUS), ROWEN WOODS (Directed CATE BLANCHET, SAM NEIL and JULIA ROBERTS), NICO LATHOURIS (Dramaturg for GEORGE MILLER on MAD MAX) and the amazing JOHN NOBLE (FRINGE, ELEMENTARY, LORD OF THE RINGS)

JOHN NOBLE hosting a Sydney Actors Collective Masterclass.

John Noble 2nd pictures   13620387_552759328263551_4127647304803413297_n

Sydney Actors Collective adopts a freedom to fail approach. Failure is not a dirty word here. It is encouraged. As the Australian’s say “just have a go mate!”. Failure is a necessary word for success. Without the fear of failure actors are free to let their own instants drive the performance and deliver truly unique, uninhibited, freeing performances.


Top Australian acting school Sydney Actors Collective in Los Angeles. COME CHECK US OUT.


Also visit the ABOUT and ACTING TRAINING pages for more information. The TESTIMONIALS page is great to hear student feedback.

“The guys at SAC are full of knowledge and will help any actor achieve their goals”

-James Tobin (Channel 7 Sunrise presenter)

“Acting with Chum on The Straits was great. This man knows acting!”

-Firass-Dirani (Logi winning actor: House Husbands, The Straits, Underbelly)

“I have worked with Chum as an actor and director. As a director he knew how to bring out the best performance in me. He cares!”

-Andy-Whitfield (Actor: Sparticus Starz TV USA)

"They will take your acting magic to the next level."

-Nash Edgerton (Film Director)