Sydney Actors Collective will be opening in NEWCASTLE

One of Australia's top boutique acting schools is about to open it's doors to Newcastle

Save the two hour trip to Sydney and get some of Australia’s BEST acting training in the heart of Newcastle.

Join SAC tutor NADIA TOWNSEND for a 4 week Film/TV and TVC course – Sunday’s 2-5pm beginning July 23rd



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Acting training is crucial for great acting.  SAC is training dedicated working actors in Sydney and Los Angeles and now we want to work with Newcastle actors! SAC uses a unique brand of training based of a freedom to play and explore as opposed to a strict set of rules. The best acting comes from an ability to play and be free in a scene thus alleviating all nerves and stress!

All SAC coaches are current working actors who have have a very impressive list of achievements. To be a great actor…learn from great actors

SAC has been training actors in Sydney and Los Angeles and NOW we want to bring our unique brand of training to NEWCASTLE

Join SAC tutor NADIA TOWNSEND for a 4 week film/TV and TVC course – Sunday’s 2-5pm beginning July 23rd

In 2008 Townsend studied at the Victorian College of the Arts gaining her post graduate degree in theatre directing.
In 2009, Townsend appeared in the US produced film Knowing, playing Grace Koestler, opposite Hollywood star Nicolas Cage. Her acting career has since explode, appearing on shows such as Brooke, Love Child, Home and Away, City Homocide, Rush, Sea Patrol and countless others.
Having worked for so long as an actress Nadia developed some strong techniques and decided to take on Dramaturgy work. She has helped actors shape performances on projects such as Brock, Blue Murder, The Secret Daughter and Mad Max – Fury Road.

Places are offered to 14 actors to work with SAC. You will receive a scene and workshop it using techniques adopted by SAC in Sydney and LA.

Cost of the course for 4 weeks is only $270


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Some TV shows that SAC trained actors have appeared in


P.S. This class is non beginner level. This course is not suitable for absolute beginners and hobby actors


“The guys at SAC are full of knowledge and will help any actor achieve their goals”

-James Tobin (Channel 7 Sunrise presenter)

“Acting with Chum on The Straits was great. This man knows acting!”

-Firass-Dirani (Logi winning actor: House Husbands, The Straits, Underbelly)

“I have worked with Chum as an actor and director. As a director he knew how to bring out the best performance in me. He cares!”

-Andy-Whitfield (Actor: Sparticus Starz TV USA)

"They will take your acting magic to the next level."

-Nash Edgerton (Film Director)