In Addition to our core course we offer one off acting courses for students who can not commit to the core course.

SAC ANONYMOUS – Facilitated by SAC goals coach, SAC Anonymous is a small group of actors (around 5 or 6) that meet via Skype to help set goals, plan their success strategy and speak candidly about their issues, failures and down days. This is acting “therapy”, focused on helping the actor free themselves from negativity. ALL successful actors have a positive mind state and a focussed drive. It is a cut throat industry and this course arms the actor with everything they need to become successful. Without goals an actor is lost in limbo.

IMPROV FOR CAMERA – Shows like Logie nominated NO ACTIVITY use great actors with amazing improvisation skills. So many commercial auditions ask the actor to improvise. This is a skill that actors need to develop. SAC is proud to have one of Australia’s top improv for TV actors on board to hold these one off classes and give actors this vital tool.

TVC – TVC’s can be the bread and butter of actors and agents. There is a real skill to TVC acting (pretending to act as if this bite of chicken has changed your life!). The TVC class will help actors practice the huge range of performances required for TVC acting and talking to camera.

FROM HEAD TO BODY – An overactive “chattering” head can ruin an actor. So many actors go into an audition with their inner voice racing at 100MPH and they have no ability to relax and focus their performance. SAC is offering a course that will help actors stop that ineffective chatter and help them channel their body, the vital tool of the actor to deliver more connected, relaxed and entertaining performances.

THE WRITER ACTOR – Joel Edgerton, Claudia Karvan, Patrick Brammel, Shaun Micallef and too many more to mention, what do they have in common? They are great Australian actors who are also great writers. The actor who can write is a powerhouse as they can create work and roles for themselves. In Hollywood this type of actor is snatched up as a “hyphenate”. SAC strongly believes in it’s actors understanding writing. In addition to it vastly opening their scope of work it also helps actors understand scene structure and character. This understanding only helps in bettering the performance. This course run by a top Australian Actor/writer will help actors write a scene or short film but they will then perform the work in class as each student is also an actor. They can see their work on it’s feet immediately.

CHARACTER – Most classes just focus on performance, how to say the lines but the heart of the performance is Character. SAC is offering one off classes in character and how to develop a strong, nuanced, identifiable character. All casting directors are looking for a character to cast, not a performance. SAC believes that if the actor knows the character then all the actor/character has to do is open their mouth and the performance will come out. It all lies with character.

MASTERCLASSES – SAC works with top Casting Directors, Actors, Directors and industry professionals to bring one off Masterclasses. SAC has relationships with Peter Andrikidis, Rowan Woods, Greg Apps, Rachel Ward, Ian Meadows and many more. These Masterclasses are NOT ADVERTISED. They are only offered to SAC students and friends of SAC. They are an intimate gathering so students can ask all they questions they want.

We are constantly evolving as a school and are always looking to introduce new courses so if you have any ideas please email us at