Learn how to Self Tape and then put it to the test

with SAC Founder CHUM EHELEPOLA and Casting Director STEVIE RAY from McGregors Casting

Who can get better at SELF TAPING??? EVERYONE!!


Practice the art of self taping in this exciting new ONLINE course.

You do not have to go to a class! This course can be done from your bedroom…READ MORE

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With the international boundaries now non existent many Australian actors are putting tapes down for lucrative US and international projects…and booking!

Self Taping is a skill unto itself, which many actors have not mastered. It is a skill which you have to work out and then be able to deliver when the test is sent you way. What are your tapes like?

SAC is holding an ONLINE SELF TAPE course to help you with taping. The course will be run by SAC founder and LA based actor Chum Ehelepola and Stevie Ray from McGregors casting. Between them they have a deep knowledge of the process. Stevie from watching them and Chum from putting them down. This is a great opportunity to have your tapes seen by these two professionals and get advice and feedback on how to take your self taping game to the next level.

How does it work?

  • The first 4 weeks will be with SAC founder Chum Ehelepola. You will receive a scene week 1 and have one week to shoot it and then upload online. Chum will view each tape and offer notes via MP3.
  • You will then have another week to re-shoot the scene and try and incorporate the notes and any new discoveries you get after having watched the tape and heard the notes.
  • Week 3 and 4 will be the same format but with a different scene.
  • Week 5 is game week! You will test your skills with Stevie Ray from McGregors Casting, who watches and puts down tapes for a living. Stevie is one of the top Casting Directors in Australia and will be able to offer valuable feedback about your work. SAC is very excited to have Stevie on board.


There will be a private Facebook group where all the tapes will be uploaded for everyone to watch and learn from. This  will be very helpful as watching self tapes and learning from them is crucial to your mastering this art.


This whole course is ONLINE. You do not have to attend a class. You do not even need to be in Australia! It can all be done from your bedroom! All you need is a camera (phone cameras are fine), a well lit quiet room and a reader. If you have that then you are good to go!


The course will begin May 16th. The course will be $295 for NON SAC students. $245 for current SAC enrolled students.

Places are strictly limited. The class is nearly SOLD OUT. 


This is a fantastic opportunity to work deeply on self taping. It is the future and nailing this fine art is crucial to an actors success.


If you are interested please email chum@sydneyactorscollective.com


Hope to see you online!!

“The guys at SAC are full of knowledge and will help any actor achieve their goals”

-James Tobin (Channel 7 Sunrise presenter)

“Acting with Chum on The Straits was great. This man knows acting!”

-Firass-Dirani (Logi winning actor: House Husbands, The Straits, Underbelly)

“I have worked with Chum as an actor and director. As a director he knew how to bring out the best performance in me. He cares!”

-Andy-Whitfield (Actor: Sparticus Starz TV USA)

"They will take your acting magic to the next level."

-Nash Edgerton (Film Director)