Working with Sydney Actors Collective is one of the very correct decisions I have made in my life. I realized with them, that I was truly capable of producing great art through acting. I learnt that by working extremely tirelessly and staying humble and respectful, that all dreams were achievable. If you want to understand the art of acting, yourself and your true potential, I certainly recommend working with SAC.

Logie Nominated, AACTA Nominated, The Principal, Janet King, Cleverman, Hyde and Seek


SAC prepared me to feel as comfortable as I did through years of taking classes. All the work that I did each week, being allowed to make mistakes, being pushed to dig deep, learning script analysis and going through the process of making a scene work, hearing about other people’s stories and experiences on set, learning the language of ‘beats’ and ‘objectives’ and ‘the moment before’ meant that when I was in that rehearsal room it became an even playing field. We were just professional actors trying to tell a story and I already had all the tools to be able to do my job.

Rosehaven, Kettering Incident, Wanted


SAC’s passion for this industry is contagious!  Working with tutors at SAC week after week gave me the confidence to be fearless in my choices and the discipline to always strive for authenticity and truth in performance.  I always walked away from class feeling empowered and supported. Their encouragement of both writing and acting has been an instrumental part of my career.   To top it off, not only are the tutors at SAC phenomenal coaches but the success of their own careers is a constant inspiration and motivator for me.

Justice League, Winter, Felony


I have worked with Marti and Chum for a few years now, and their encouragement, honesty and exacting standards have been crucial in my development as an actor. Their perspectives on my work are ones that I value highly, and their insights on the business side of the industry have proved useful time and time again as I embark on my career. They also facilitate excellent creative relationships between their students, and it is testament to this that so many students from SAC continue to create their own opportunities together outside of class. I always feel motivated and excited after classes with them, and cannot recommend SAC highly enough.

Whose Line is it Anyway? Australian TheatreSports champion