SAC Flow – A healthy mindstate is a successful Actor

So you want to be a working actor? Awesome…how’s it going? Are you there? On that awesome set/stage? That great agent? Do you feel confident and ready? Or do you feel like it could be slipping out of your grasp or the waters are getting murky?


Just for fun, write down, yes now, write down a goal that you have been trying to achieve for a while but it just hasn’t seen the light of day:


Okay now, why hasn’t it been achieved? If achieved will you be closer to your acting dream? Acting is one of the toughest professions in the world. While acting talent is needed it is actually your mind state that is crucial. We have all seen average actors killing it. How? Maybe it’s the way they think!


What is something you’ve been meaning to do, that would help move your career forward but you haven’t done?


In 6 weeks SAC Co-founder Marti Keefer through SAC FLOW, will have you achieving that goal, the one that for some reason just hasn’t gotten done. SAC Flow will give you the tools and the support to tick off that goal, or MANY goals. SAC Flow will tie up those loose threads so you start to feel calmer, more clear, confident and you can get on top of things that get you closer to the bigger picture. In the 6 weeks you will also look at those WILDLY IMPROBABLE GOALS. The one that when you think about it brings joy into your heart and a smile on your dial. This lovely big dream, big goal is your pathway to all that you ever wanted in your life.


So we are leaving room for magic here while also applying ourselves to the small steps that will make our careers move forward.  We all know that luck is created when preparation and opportunity meet and FLOW is created when we align what we want with what we believe.


Marti Keefer is co-founder of SAC. She is an accomplished actor and international Model who has graced catwalks with Naomi Campbell and such. She is also a published author, with a David Jones best seller, signed in New York and currently working on her second book. Marti has achieved success in many artistic fields and knows the trappings of an overactive negative mind. Marti currently coaches many actors all over the world and has launched FLOW at SAC to deliver her unique artistic coaching. Marti has taken actors from obscurity to a life of living their dreams! Her greatest accomplishment is raising two gorgeous children in Los Angles while living her artistic passion and helping other performing artists do the same.



Course Structure

SAC Flow is an online course. Each week there will be a Google hangout session for approx 90min. Plus each week there will be a practical session with another actor doing SAC Flow. SAC Flow runs over 6 weeks with plenty of weekly exercises to be completed for the Hangout session. Each week will consist of a new topic and exercise to complete. The exercise will be specific to your goals so when completed you will be one step closer to achieving what for now seems unachievable.


Each Google hangout session consists of Marti facilitating the exercise set for that week.  She will answer any questions that may arise and coach one or two actors so that everyone is clear on the steps. By the end of the 6 weeks each actor will be guaranteed to have worked one on one with Marti on their specific goals and obstacles.




Pre commencement.

There will be a graph for you to fill out. This will give you and Marti a great snap shot of how you actually spend your time.


First week.

  • Goals and establishing turtle steps.
  • Kick off the homework for the 6 weeks.
  • Identifying what our hearts truly want.
  • Small goal clear and succinct.

The first Google Hangout session will go for approx 2hrs as there will be lots to cover.


Second week:

  • Looking at Wildly Improbable goals. (WIG)
  • Learning the keys that unlock the pathway to our most wild dreams.
  • Check in on turtle step.


Third week: 

  • Limiting beliefs
  • You don’t get what you want. You get what you believe.
  • Learning the tools that help you identify your limiting beliefs and dissolving them.
  • Check in on turtle step.


Fourth week

  • More on limiting beliefs
  • Coaching each other. You teach what you best need to learn.
  • Integrating the tool that dissolves limiting beliefs


Fifth week

  • Further insight into any thing that has arisen through working on goals.
  • Coaching.


Sixth week

  • Wrap up
  • Summarise


You will be partnered up, so each week you will need to check in with your partner and share your homework with each other.

It’s a beautiful step in having accountability, showing up for yourself, your goals, as well as being of service to someone else’s journey. We often find it easier to show up for other people and this course is designed deliberately so that as you show up for someone else you are inadvertently showing up for your self. This is a high accountability course and there is lots of fun homework.

Course Begins – Week of the 23rd of September

Times – Google Hangout Sessions SUNDAY 2PM (you can join in via your phone if you can’t at home infront of your laptop). If you miss a session, sessions will be recorded and available to watch via a PRIVATE LINK. Links will be deleted after a week. 

Cost – $395


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