How to get confidence in an Audition

The audition can send actors into anxious spiral where they can forget their own name when slating! At SAC we know this pain as all our coaches are working actors so we thought we’d collate a 5 tips to getting confidence in an audition.

1. YOU’RE THERE! – You’ve been asked to audition.

You have overcome the first hurdle and landed yourself an audition, which means Casting believe you had a great chance of booking the role. Casting would not waste their time bringing you in if they truly don’t believe you can get the role. You’re in the game so get some confidence knowing Casting are on your side and want you to kill it!!

2. YOU’RE ACTING – You’re performing for an audience so enjoy it

An audition means you have the opportunity to act and so be grateful for that chance. You have an audience that is vested in the performance and want to be entertained. You’re not in your bedroom wishing for your agent to call, you’re in the room, doing what you love. So have confidence knowing you have a script and an audience…that is all an actor needs!


If you let the nerves get the better of you it can cripple your audition. EVERYONE GETS NERVOUS. You’re not alone. Nerves are in fact a great thing as it means you care so instead of fighting nerves invite them in. Repeat this to yourself when you get nervous “Hey nerves! There you are. C’mon, sit next to me while you’re here and let’s chat”. Instead of trying to fight it, become friends with it and learn how to manage it. The more you fight it, the more it gets a hold of you!

4. BE CONFIDENT – Don’t go in there and hope.

Own you acting brilliance and go in there to be your best and do your best. We don’t go on set or onto stage and “hope” we get confidence. We work on it and believe in our own work and skill. You may or may not nail the audition, but don’t leave your destiny up to hope, leave it up to your ABILITY.


The only way to master something, is to practice it. Practice auditioning so it is second nature. An actor needs to audition as a human needs air! You can set up your smart phone and run some self tests, you can get a group of actors together and run some audition set ups or you can join our SAC Audition class and get real, first hand practice every week. If you audition as much as possible, you gain the confidence you need. So work on it!

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