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We are excited to offer the SAC Audition Essentials Course – In The Room: How to Audition with Confidence – with Socratis Otto. A class based on a casting room model to help experienced actors master the art of auditioning and start booking jobs!

The acting industry is exciting and fun but one thing we can all agree on is that there isn’t enough work or enough opportunities for actors to put their skills to the test. The key to success as an actor is to audition amazingly and the business revolves around auditioning.  This pressure and lack of experience in the room can lead to stressful, daunting and sterile auditions. We’re here to tell you it doesn’t need to be! Like anything, auditioning is a skill that can be mastered. How? By getting yourself in an audition environment on repeat. Practice makes perfect, and repetition makes success.


About the course

The aim of the class is to create a real audition process every week to get you to the stage where the audition room will no longer fill you with nerves but with excitement – excitement of being allowed to act. Often actors are so overcome by nerves and stress that the entire experience becomes about overcoming these sensations rather than allowing themselves to do the work. This is where we can help!

Socratis will take you through the audition process as it exists in both local and international casting rooms. He will review your test, focus those nerves and give you an intimate insight into what casting directors are ultimately looking for – you! Then he’ll get you to do it all again as practice might make perfect, but experience is paramount.

You will:

  •  learn the critical skill of how to manage yourself in the dreaded waiting room
  • how to handle yourself with ease and fluidity in front of the camera. 
  • work on how to deliver a character in an organic situation, not an orchestrated performance that needs to be replicated in the audition.
  • work on developing your actors voice
  • learn how to make your takes different without relying on feedback from the casting agent.
  • and SO much more!


Work with one of our most in demand coaches!

Socratis is one of our most in demand coaches and brings his skills and insights from over twenty years working in the industry, from mainstage STC to Hollywood blockbusters like (The Matrix, Wolverine, I Frankenstein) not to mention his groundbreaking portrayal as Maxine in Foxtel’s Wentworth

We know the cliché is all too often true – the best audition gets the job, not the best actor. We’ve responded and we have delivered a course that will get you auditioning at your best. Don’t miss this opportunity to put your skills to the test and take one step closer to booking that job!

Email for more details and to book a spot in our 8 week course!

Hear from some of our actors –

“The In The Room course is the best thing I’ve done for my career in ages – I feel so relaxed walking into auditions now … and in fact, I actually enjoy them: I never thought that was possible! I feel so excited and inspired by the amazing work we get to witness in class each week. Sign up!” – Bridie C
“In the Room is the most valuable acting community I’ve ever been a part of. Socratis is an endless well of guidance and support – he encourages us all, every week, to push ourselves and evolve, and it’s a joy to see the incredible changes that occur over the space of even a single class. The fact that one of the biggest casting directors in the country not only visited, but then gave advice that perfectly reflected what Socratis teaches us every week, is a glowing testament to his expertise and to this class. I count myself lucky to be a part of the In the Room family, and could not recommend it more!” – Sian
“I have been auditioning more than ever and with Soc’s help in audition technique class I have been booking gigs all over the place not only on screen but live shows, singing and musicals.” – Adrian E
“In the room is a dynamic audition technique class not for the faint hearted. Be prepared and open for real life experiences and stepping out of your comfort zones. Socratis is a generous and innovative mentor and acting coach. I’ve been lucky to have had private and audition technique classes under the watchful eye of Socratis which have resulted in booking guest roles in channel tens Five Bedrooms, Dr Dr, Reef Break and countless epiphanies not only about my art but about myself.” 
– Chanika DS.

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