SAC Improv classes with Bridie Connell

Improv classes for TV with Australian improv star BRIDIE CONNELL

Being an actor just isn’t enough anymore. The ability to think on your feet and improv is crucial and now…bookable. Improv skills set actors apart from the rest. Where are you in the pack?

Improv classes are a must for an actor’s ability to think on their feet and be in the moment. It is a skill that very few actors have. Once an actor has the script down, how well can they play with it, make it their own and then go on a tangent with it? Comedies, TVC’s, and other projects are asking actors for Improv skills. How good are your skills? If asked to play around with your script how confident would you feel? If it makes you nervous…SAC is here to help with our 4 week Improv classes!!

Bridie playing a character on Tonightly for ABC

Bridie Connell

Bridie Connell is an award-winning writer and performer. Bridie is a former national improv champion of Australia, and a world Theatresports finalist for her home country of New Zealand. She is one half of award-winning improv duo MotherFather with Tom Walker, and is a two-time state Theatresports champion.

As an improv teacher, Bridie is in high demand; she teaches improv and musical improv for Improv Theatre Sydney, works regularly for Impro Australia, and has taught workshops across Australia, New Zealand, the UK and UAE. She is the featured improv practitioner in Centre Stage, the drama textbook for high school students across Australia.She won the 2018 ARIA for Best Comedy Release for her song “Sex Pest”.

Bridie was a cast member of the Australian version of Whose Line Is It Anyway? which premiered on Foxtel’s The Comedy Channel in 2016 and screened on Network TEN in 2017. Bridie made her Melbourne International Comedy Festival debut with Player in 2017, which also enjoyed a hugely successful season at the Sydney Comedy Festival. She appeared on True Story with Hamish & Andy on the Nine Network and was one of the four reporters on the ABC Comedy show Tonightly With Tom Ballard. Recently she starred in the webseries Resting Pitch Face, available to watch on YouTube.

“Outrageously talented” – Timeout

“Bridie is amazing. Even her talent’s got talent!”  – David Collins, Umbilical Brothers

Check out Bridie’s SAC Blog on how she used her improv skills to land her a legit acting career.

Bridie Connell core cast of Australia's Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Bridie as core cast on Foxtel/Channel 10’s Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Bridie will be hosting a 4 week Improv for TV workshop exclusively with SAC.

The workshop aims at helping actors get freedom in their acting and to think on their feet.

This is not an improv for stage class. THIS CLASS IS SPECIFICALLY IMPROV FOR CAMERA WORK, for actors who are auditioning and looking to strengthen their acting skills.

The two main aims of this course are:

  1. For actors to feel confident to improvise when a script is thrown out or asked to improv by Casting or a Director.
  2. For actors to find opportunities to play and find character info WITHIN scripts. 

The Improv classes will cover

  • improv fundamentals
  • improv as a tool for scene prep
  • improv in auditions
  • improv on set

Bridie will be using scripts and scenes from shows that she has been on and where the director has decided to go off script and see where the actors can take the scene.

Check out this amazing video of the top 20 Improvised moments from some of the most recognized and famous movies in the world



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Sign up quick and take your acting skills to the next level. Impress Casting Directors and Directors who ask you to improvise and instead of trembling with fear… you light up the room with ideas!

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