Isabella Giovinazzo on network success

I have been attending SAC classes for the 10 years I’ve been working as an actor. I went to classes every week after work on ‘Home and Away’ to elevate my on-screen performances, and now, I return to Chum’s class whenever my craft looses it’s zest. The warm, collaborative environment he fosters allows student to reach deeper, personal connections to their work, week after week. 

This time a year ago, I arrived to class and promptly fell apart – confessing to Chum how strongly I wished to play a part on an independent film. He encouraged this dream, he believed in me even when I didn’t! I didn’t believe it possible to completely re-write my commercial work history/ typecast… and now, after 9 months of specifically tailored classes, by Chum at SAC.

SAC’s team of coaches are diverse and perfectly complimenting – Marti’s instinctive approach to guidance is unparalleled, Eden Falk is a marvellously perceptive director, and Chum a profoundly inspired coach. 

Chum once mentioned he will keep teaching for as long as he is acting, when most actors of his calibre would depart when their career soared, yet for an artist as authentic and generous as Chum teaching is part of his craft… so for as long as I am acting, I’ll probably take Chum’s class. 

– Isabella Giovinazzo (‘Sex & Death’ SBS, ‘Playing For Keeps’ Network 10, ‘Lie With Me’ Channel 5 UK, ‘Home and Away’ Seven Network, ‘Reef Break’ Disney, ‘Swim’ SBS, ‘Wee Jimmy’ SBS

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