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Jonathon Lagudi, SAC actor known to us as “Jono” is making waves and inroads on NORTH SHORE as Oscar Aruzzi. North Shore stars John Bradley from Game Of Thrones and Joanne Froggat from Downton Abbey. Read below to hear Jono’s journey with SAC and how it helped him book.

Why do you choose to be an actor?

I choose to be an actor because there’s nothing else I could ever see myself doing. No other career gives me the chance to wholeheartedly be myself whilst doing what I love. I also choose to be an actor because I think acting, in essence, is in service of others. We create art and tell stories that have the ability to profoundly effect and inspire people, or just simply be a source of entertainment, and there’s nothing cooler to me than that. Best job I ever had. 

How has SAC helped you as an actor?

Since becoming part of the SAC family, my understanding of acting as a holistic process has grown exponentially. Chum’s approach to the work is honest and candid, and in turn, it’s helped my craft as an actor shift to a place of realness and authenticity. SAC has also shaped my understanding of both the acting industry and life as an artist, helping me grow both as an actor and person. 

What is the best thing about being a working actor?

The best thing about being a working actor, besides getting to do what I love, is getting to work with some incredible people. Whether it’s other actors, crew members, writers, directors, designers or whomever, each experience is different and always full of inspiration. Despite occasionally having to lock myself in my room to learn lines, when you get to be on set or in a theatre full of like-minded creatives all coming together to be a part of making something amazing, it is easily the best part. 

Is there anything else you would like to say about your experience at SAC?

My experience at SAC has been nothing but positive, and when I moved back to Sydney, it really provided me a creative family to be a part of. Classes and workshops have been an incredible opportunity to continue to push myself as an artist, whilst also being a chance to do some great scene work, have fun and meet great people. 

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