Juliet Godwin starring in Home and Away

Sydney Actors Collective actress Juliet Godwin is starring in Home and Away as local Dr Bree Cameron

Why do you choose to be an actor? 

To tell stories, stories that mean something, stories that can change the viewer, give a voice to the voiceless, help someone connect or simply make someone laugh. But most importantly to shine a light on spaces that have been left or forgotten in the dark. I love acting to, what a joy to be able to do what you love all well making some sort of difference in the world 

Why did you choose to do acting classes? 

Acting is a mysterious, challenging yet rewarding task. You are stepping into someone else shoes, point of view and experiences. It takes dedication focus and work. The best way to learn about it, is to do it. So class is the perfect environment to learn, fail, get back up and keep going. If professional athletes need to train daily, then so does an actor.

How has Sydney Actors Collective helped me? 

It created an environment of accountability, every week I was putting down a tape and being guided by one of the many experienced coaches. I learned many valuable lessons, lessons I use daily when preparing and performing my scenes onset. It also gave me a safe community of creatives where I could learn,  fail and be inspired. Such a community is a precious gift. 

What do you feel the future holds for you? 

Many important stories to tell. 

Check out Juliet on Channel 7’s MORNING SHOW

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