Katie Robertson

Katie Robertson starring in 3 TV shows

SAC alumni is currently a commercial TV regular, starring in 4 TV shows. Deadloch, 5 Bedrooms and Rosehaven. These are just the shows she’s starring in, we can’t add the shows she’s been on, too many!

Why do you choose to be an actor? 

I think Jackie Weaver’s character in ‘The Disaster Artist’ summed it up pretty perfectly. “For people like us even the worst day on set is better than the best day doing anything else.” 

Why did you choose to do acting classes? 

When I started at SAC it was really an outlet for me to be able to actually do the thing that I loved, because I wasn’t getting any jobs and so that one night a week was when I was able to actually ACT. But it was much more than an acting ‘gym’, it was a training ground. I can’t imagine ever getting to a place where I think I’ve mastered this craft, so I hope i’ll always take classes when I can. 

How has working with SAC helped you become a better actor? 

I think the best thing about SAC is the teachers create an environment that inspires you to push yourself but allows you to feel safe enough to make a fool of yourself. It’s such a gift to have a place where you can go and not only fail but fail SPECTACULARLY. For me, the biggest lessons have always come from falling on my arse. 

What do you feel the future holds for you? 

I’ve spent most of the last ten years really clambering towards this idea I had of how my career should be. I feel like all my energy has been very outward and direct, always pushing forward towards jobs and looking to the next thing. My new word this past year has been ‘surrender’. I’ve really tried to give over to the universe and trust that the opportunities I need are coming to me in their own perfect time. I guess the short answer to this question is I have no idea and I’m okay with that. 

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