Wednesday Classes

For intermediate to experienced actors

This acting class is now open. Please email for details to join.

The classes follow the SAC philosophy of truth and failure. A lot of work is spent directly with the actor. Looking at the various blocks, area’s of growth, area’s of weakness, styles of each actor. The class is NOT a curriculum class, it is a fluid, work out specifically focused on the actor and their needs. It is very different to the normal LA class model. It is more about experimentation, discoveries and pushing the limits.

The class celebrates the art of failure. If you do not push yourself to failure, how will you know where your limit is? Failure is such a taboo word, that schools and the like make sure their actors do not encounter, but that is setting them up for failure in their career! We encourage failure in the room, for success in your career. The assumption is that every actor knows how to act but is looking for something new or a chance to push themselves into new territory.

This is a Zoom class. Actors will be asked to pre tape their scenes and upload onto a private Facebook page.

If you want inroom acting classes please check out our inroom class.

SAC maintains a safe environment. An environment free of competition, free of perfection, free of “getting it right” and ultimately free of that horrible mind chatter that keeps actors in their head. SAC works on getting you listening to your intuition and acting from your instincts. And just to HAVE FUN AND PLAY!!! Acting is meant to be enjoyable, not hard work!

SAC LA actors have gone on to shows such as SUPERNATURAL, X-FILES, MULAN, and many more.

Check out our interview with Emmy Nominated JOHN NOBLE star of FRINGE, LORD OF THE RINGS, ELEMENTARY, SLEEPY HOLLOW and many more.

Want more, check out our Podcast with GEORGINA HAIG from ONCE UPON A TIME, FRINGE, THE CROSSING, RECKLESS and much more.

All actors are experienced and we do not accept any beginners. If you are interested in joining or want to know more please email

Hope to see you in class!

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