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Acting classes are a must for any actor. SAC is a screen acting school focusing on the niche group of actors who are taking this seriously and want a career in acting. NO BS!

Acting classes in a safe, challenging environment to push yourself into new territory and empower you to crash through obstacles.

Get in front of that camera and join our acting classes


Acting Classes with SAC

Every successful actor shares one thing in common… amazing acting classes!

SAC run boutique acting classes for serious actors.

SAC is famed for our ability to work with more advanced and experienced actors looking to further grow their craft and ultimately themselves. This doesn’t mean we ignore our up and coming actors and as such we offer fantastic beginner classes for fresh talent looking to secure a career in acting.

Sydney Actors Collective classes run in eight week terms throughout the year. In each class you will work on a new scene sourced from our extensive database and individually curated to push the actor out of their comfort zone.

From beginner to intermediate to advanced, we have an acting class for you.

Check out our range of SAC Acting classes below.

Saturday Scene Study – Intermediate to Advanced

SAC founder Chum Ehelepola: ACTING CLASS FOR INTERMEDIATE ACTORS – ONLINE Chum brings his straight up, no BS style back to SAC. This class is about THE TRUTH. Can you handle it? (ha). Chum will work with each actor to make sure they are finding the truth of the scene and themselves. If an actor…

In The Room – Auditioning with Confidence – Advanced

ADVANCED AUDITION TECHNIQUE FOR EXPERIENCED ACTORS  We are excited to offer the SAC Auditioning Essentials Course – In The Room: Audition with Confidence – with Socratis Otto. A class based on a casting room model to help experienced actors master the art of auditioning and start booking jobs!   The acting industry is exciting and fun but…

Acting Class – Intermediate to Advanced IN ROOM CLASS Thursdays

Sean Hall: ACTING CLASS FOR INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED –  ACTING CLASSES BACK IN THE ROOM FEEL THAT ENERGY OF A BUNCH OF ACTORS, IN A ROOM DELVING INTO CHARACTER AND TEXT?SAC Monday’s are back in the room and given our sold out class, people are loving being back in the room! Acting is not something…

Los Angeles Classes

For intermediate to experienced actors The Australian’s are kicking ass in LA, why not come and check out how they do it? Los Angeles is the mecca for actors, and as such there are as many acting schools as probably McDonalds! SAC has a very small (only 7/8) actor class running Wednesdays with SAC founder…

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I used a bunch of SAC actors on two of my projects. The were not afraid of the camera. Which is everything a director can ask for. LOVE SAC

Ian Meadows
Ian Meadows Director - The Turning

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