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Chum Ehelepola – Acting Coach and SAC Founder

As an actor and an acting coach I think there is no better gift than being able to entertain and tell stories. I love being an actor and I love helping other actors achieve their dreams. I began my life as a Civil Engineer but always knew I wanted to be an actor. I chose the safe life instead of the life I wanted. I then quit Engineering to follow my passion. I started from the ground up, I washed dishes, served coffee and did acting classes. That was my life. I learnt a lot but I failed even more. It was my failures that I learnt from the most and helped me get where I am today, to pinch myself and say “I made it!”. When I founded SAC I wanted a space where great actors could test themselves, get pushed to their limit and be encouraged to fail gloriously.

Marti Keefer – Flow Coach and SAC Founder

When I was 4 I played the Snowflake in Wind and the Willows (and if anyone has read the book they will know what a significant role that was!) I never remember a time I didn’t want to be in the arts. I followed my acting dream from my small country town and moved into the big smoke, Sydney. I am a true hyphenate who has followed a career as an actor, an international model, a published author, a business owner and now a mum, the most important career of my life. I created SAC to help actors find their love for the craft and ultimately live the highest version of themselves.

Eden Falk – SAC Acting Coach

When I was fifteen I made the wonderful mistake of signing up for the school play. I remember being so terrified that I decided my character wore mirrored glasses. Every night I stood on stage with my eyes tightly shut, hoping it would end. I would say my one line and pray for the curtain. Then one night, somehow, I got a laugh. And I was hooked. From that night on I opened my eyes and enjoyed every second of being in front of people, taking them on a journey, making them laugh – telling a story. As a director and as a coach I enjoy nothing more that seeing other actors find that same delight and to help them to discover the pleasure of storytelling.

Eden teaches the TUESDAY Intermediate class.

Socratis Otto – SAC Acting Coach

I always wanted to be a Singer but struggled to hold the melody (or was that harmony?), a Copper but equipped with dodgy vision and kept flunking my driving test, a Doctor but unfortunately way too clumsy when holding any form of sharp utensil, a Pianist but… Then before the big 2-1, I had a lightbulb moment that I could potentially be all these things and not need to sit for any test or be faced with their professional consequences….as a thespian! So I pursued the expedition and fleshed out wonderful careers as monsters, mutes, women, revolutionaries, musicians (tick), detectives (tick), scientists (even better than a doctor!).  I recall watching a lot of Tele and Film, deeply curious about the lives of the folk I saw before me and endlessly questioning the how’s and why’s and what if’s. They taught me an unprecedented amount about the human propensity. And they willed me closer. To this day I still ask those questions, in search for unwavering truths as to who we are and why we do what we do, what we seek and what makes us feel certain ways. I guess a bit like my namesake did in ancient times. Even though his pursuit for truth resulted in the poor bastard being poisoned. Which makes me question, have I ever played a philosopher…?

Socratis teaches the SATURDAY Intermediate class and the WEDNESDAY Advanced class

Emma Jackson – SAC Acting Coach

One of my earliest memories as an ‘actor’, aside from torturing my mum and all the other adult members of my family on a weekend-ly basis with renditions of whatever musical we were doing at school that year, that I would direct my cousins and I in, was being cast as Charles in an absurdist English play in year 8. I had to wear one of those flimsy, $2 shop stick on mustaches that look more like an eyebrow, and at one point the glue failed leaving the mo swinging like a pendulum from my top lip. With my heart in my throat, panic in my eyes and after a couple of fake coughs in an an attempt to re-stick my facial hair, I took a deep breath, ripped it off, turned to the audience and announced “Try to be more masculine.. and look what the devil happens!”. As I turned on my heel and marched off stage the audience laughed and applauded and that was it. I was hooked. There was no turning back for me.. and being able to help other people hone their skills.. well, it’s as rewarding as ripping off that mo.

Chloe Boreham – SAC Acting Coach

As a child, I was first introduced to texts by Molière by an incredible acting teacher and very quickly fell at home in this world. Years later, that world translated into the world of screen. I have been immersed in it ever since. Cinema has become part of my DNA and I love to collaborate in that space through directing, producing, coaching, writing and acting. As conduits for creating cinema, we have the possibility to shape the ways others see and experience humanity. I am very excited to keep joining forces with like-minded creatives. 

Pip Edwards – SAC Acting Coach

I have never separated acting from life. To me, acting is life.  To study acting is to study the core questions of humanity and our world. As actors, we are detectives of the mind, body and soul. A form of ‘active psychoanalysis’ and oneness, it thrives on empathy- both of the artist and the audience. When an actor is brave in performance it has the power to change the world.  As questions of humanity eternally shift and evolve, so does our art. A story will mean something one day and something else the next. Who I am today will not be be who I am tomorrow. Acting is a catharsis, a meditation. The act of ‘letting go’ rejuvenates the soul. It demands the courage to jump into the unknown and create something new right before the audience’s eyes. I believe in the philosophy of f*** it- all that actually exists for an actor is the here and now, so an actor must be brave enough to show up and surrender to ‘the moment’.

Nadia Townsend – SAC Directing and Acting Coach

When I was 18, a group of Australians who had been studying overseas brought a teacher from Mamets school of Practical Aesthetics, Atlantic theatre co, to Sydney – the philosophy he was spruiking captured me. He paused dramatically and asked the class, ‘what do the words I love you mean?’  Silence from the class – and then it clicked, ‘the words I love you mean anything !’  I shouted way too enthusiastically, it hit me like a bomb – words, intention, action, objective, interpretation.  And there unfolded the long road ahead.  Soon after I met my mentor Nico Lathouris – and he introduced me to the idea that art is political.  That philosophy is process.  Going down that rabbit hole has been my life for the last 20years.

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