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The SAC community is about celebrating all things acting. Check out our actors, coaches and friends doing what they love best and maybe pick up some cool acting tips along the way

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SAC Interviews

Hear candidly from the amazing SAC actors and coaches about their own acting journey and some of their acting tips. Honest, heartfelt and insightful.

SAC Podcast series – CUT THE BS! A candid and honest look at the world of acting moderated by SAC founder Chum Ehelepola

Podcast 5 – In this covid world we want to remain proactive, working on our craft, staying busy, but sometimes can work actually become too much work. When does motion not equal action?

Podcast 4 – With Covid-19 keeping us house bound SAC co-founder and success coach Marti Keefer takes us through ways to keep us present and focused on what is in our power.

Marti Keefer lives in LA and is a co-founder of SAC. She is a success coach who has coached many industry creatives. Her work has seen actress and actors on shows such as Playing For Keeps, Mulan, 5 Rooms and many more. She has worked with the likes of the top 100 women in Australian entertainment and helped creatives clear the dust and get focused and successful!

Podcast 3 – Interview with GEORGINA HAIG star of SECRET BRIDES MAIDS BUSINESS. Up close and personal.

Podcast 2 – The Fear of Failure!! The dragon actors spend their life trying to slay

Podcast 1 – Hear Chum’s thoughts on what being an actor is and why he does it?

Hear from the amazing JOHN NOBLE (Sleepy Hollow, The Fringe, Lord of the Rings) in this unique masterclass for SAC

“Acting with Chum on The Straits was great. These guys know acting!”

Actor Firass Dirani arrives at the 2010 Inside Film Awards at City Recital Hall on November 14, 2010 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mike Flokis/WireImage)
Firass Dirani 2 x Logie winner

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