SAC Working Actors

Current and past SAC students have gone on to become working actors on numerous professional gigs from Australian Network shows, feature films and Hollywood to boot. SAC actors have been nominated for LOGIES, AACTA Awards and are setting the standard for actors who are ready for fast paced sets.

SAC actors, doing what they love best.

Want to be a working actor?


SAC prides itself on amazing actor training to get our actors to the top of their game. We don’t want professional students, we want working actors!

And we have proof! Below are just a few amazing working actors who have graced the Sydney Actors Collective studios and gone on to carve a career for themselves. It is a tough game to get success as an actor but at SAC we have broken the stigma and sent numerous actors to stage, TV, commercials and films all over the world.

Juliet Godwin starring in Home and Away

Sydney Actors Collective actress Juliet Godwin is starring in Home and Away as local Dr Bree Cameron Why do you choose to be an actor?  To tell stories, stories that mean something, stories that can change the viewer, give a voice to the voiceless, help someone connect or simply make someone laugh. But most importantly…

SAC actress Rebecca Montalti on FX’s Mr Inbetween

SAC Actress and super awesome human Rebecca Montalti is working with the amazing Nash Edgerton and Scott Ryan. Hear her story on what inspires her and why she chose SAC to further her training. Why do you choose to be an actor? Because it’s a really consistant, reliable career that always pays the bills. Ha.…

Jorja Cadence on 2 Hollywood projects!

SAC alumni and Canada actress Jorja Cadence is taking on Hollywood. She has wrapped on the David Bowie biopic STARDUST featuring MARC MARON (GLOW) and Golden Globe nominated actress JENA MALONE (HUNGER GAMES). To top that off Jorja Cadence just booked a role on MRS AMERICA with CATE BLANCHET for FX, Executive Produced by Anna…

SAC Actress Chanika DeSilva on a roll

SAC actress Chanika Desilva is on a roll. Appearing in not one, but two TV shows, she can be seen on Channel 10’s 5 Rooms and the channel 9 hit series Dr Dr. Oh and did we mention she is in 2 commercials! Love having dedicated, talented actresses like Chanika at SAC.

SAC Actress KATE Williamson on NETFLIX

SAC actress, the amazing Kate Williamson, made the move to Canada and has booked the role of POLLY on NETFLIX’S new show VIRGIN RIVER starring a stella cast of international actors. We are so proud of Kate who has shown that consistent training, pushing herself to the limit, a love for acting and a humble…

SAC LA Actress Caitlin Ashley Thompson success

Congratulations to SAC LA actress Caitlin Ashley Thompson who booked a very complicated and layered role on the hugely popular SUPERNATURAL. Can’t wait to see you bring this character to life! Caitlin worked on SCREAM and is forging a path of success. Also Caitlin has been working on SAC FLOW to help solidify her success.…

SAC alumni sell TV show

SAC are so proud of Ainslie Clouston, Grace Rouvray and Bec Bignell who all met at SAC and have managed to nail whirlwind success with their webseries 600 Bottles of Wine. The show has now been sold into BBC, TVNZ and Channel 11 with more in the horizon. Nice work and so good to…

SAC’s Sarah Thamin to appear on Rachel Griffiths TV Show

Congratulations to Sarah Thamin from SAC who is on the new Rachel Griffiths TV show Dead Lucky for SBS. We will be eagerly awaiting it’s release! Don’t miss watching SAC talent doing their thing!

Congrats to BRIDIE CONNELL for her role on new ABC show

Bridie Connell is KILLING IT! She is starring in ABC’s new comedy show TONIGHTLY WITH TOM BALLARD. She is fast becoming a comedy go to girl in Australia Check her out here.

Veronica Clavijo killing it!

Veronica Clavijo is on a roll with back to back plays, comedic roles in corporates for Domain and Simba, a new Hyundia Kona ad, Westfield 2018 ad and a KFC TVC to boot. Love seeing SAC actors taking their career by the horns!

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