SAC Working Actors

Current and past SAC students have gone on to become working actors on numerous professional gigs from Australian Network shows, feature films and Hollywood to boot. SAC actors have been nominated for LOGIES, AACTA Awards and are setting the standard for actors who are ready for fast paced sets.

SAC actors, doing what they love best.

Want to be a working actor?


SAC prides itself on amazing actor training to get our actors to the top of their game. We don’t want professional students, we want working actors!

And we have proof! Below are just a few amazing working actors who have graced the Sydney Actors Collective studios and gone on to carve a career for themselves. It is a tough game to get success as an actor but at SAC we have broken the stigma and sent numerous actors to stage, TV, commercials and films all over the world.

Jonathon Lagudi on Paramount +

Jonathon Lagudi, SAC actor known to us as “Jono” is making waves and inroads on NORTH SHORE as Oscar Aruzzi. North Shore stars John Bradley from Game Of Thrones and Joanne Froggat from Downton Abbey. Read below to hear Jono’s journey with SAC and how it helped him book. Why do you choose to be…

Katie Robertson starring in 3 TV shows

SAC alumni is currently a commercial TV regular, starring in 4 TV shows. Deadloch, 5 Bedrooms and Rosehaven. These are just the shows she’s starring in, we can’t add the shows she’s been on, too many! Why do you choose to be an actor?  I think Jackie Weaver’s character in ‘The Disaster Artist’ summed it…

Isabella Giovinazzo on network success

I have been attending SAC classes for the 10 years I’ve been working as an actor. I went to classes every week after work on ‘Home and Away’ to elevate my on-screen performances, and now, I return to Chum’s class whenever my craft looses it’s zest. The warm, collaborative environment he fosters allows student to…

Juliet Godwin starring in Home and Away

Sydney Actors Collective actress Juliet Godwin is starring in Home and Away as local Dr Bree Cameron Why do you choose to be an actor?  To tell stories, stories that mean something, stories that can change the viewer, give a voice to the voiceless, help someone connect or simply make someone laugh. But most importantly…

Jorja Cadence starring with Kiefer Sutherland!

SAC alumni and Canada actress Jorja Cadence is taking on Hollywood. She is starring alongside Kiefer Sutherland in Amazon’s RABBIT HOLE and about to feature in Sofia Coppola’s Priscilla. She has worked on Letter Kenny and David Bowie biopic STARDUST featuring MARC MARON (GLOW) and Golden Globe nominated actress JENA MALONE (HUNGER GAMES) and MRS…

BRIDIE CONNELL starring in Channel 7

Bridie Connell is KILLING IT! Not only did she star  in ABC’s new comedy show TONIGHTLY WITH TOM BALLARD but she is fast becoming a comedy go to girl in Australia with a lead role in channel 7’s new ensemble sketch show We Interrupt This Broadcast. Check her out here.

Setareh Naghoni on Last King of the Cross for Paramount +

Set Naghoni has landed one of the roles in Paramount + drama Last King of the Cross starring legendary Oscar nominated super star Tim Roth from Pulp Fiction and more.  Check out Seterah on the following

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