SAC Scene club

Flex those muscles and tape, tape, tape!!

SAC Scene club is a group where actors get to tape a self tape, upload to a community of actors and hear feedback (only if you want feedback) but most importantly to see other actors at work and to keep your teeth sharp.

If you are keen to join please email

Each Thursday SAC will post a scene here. You have just under 1 week to put down a self tape and upload to a private Facebook group. Here you can see all your actors buddies and their version of the same scene.


SANJI BARDO (any sex) – Sanji is a brilliant paleontologist who is also an anxious wreck at the idea of leaving earth for Terra Nova.


 EMILY GIVENS – A pro active determined woman who has the job of her dreams, producing a fun new game show called “Crunch Time.”  She’s got just one big problem on her hands: her star – TOBY DIAMOND 

TOBY DIAMOND – The comedic star of the new TV show Crunchtime. Toby thinks he’s Rodney Dangerfield and Alex Trebek rolled into one, but the ugly fact is that he’s a tired, self-absorbed hack who’s not all that funny, refuses to focus on the show, and keeps looking for outside sources of income that take him away from the set


NIKITA – A woman who escaped from a secret government-funded organization known as “Division” and, after a three-year hiding period, is back to bring down the organization.

BIRKHOFF – A genius computer engineer who works for Division. He came from the cyber crime world and was recruited by Division for his exceptional computer hacking skills.


SHERMAN – Surgeon General of USA. He is a cantankerous genius. Hates the world of politics and hates that it is interfering with his job of being the most senior doctor in America

FERRARI – Sherman’s Chief of Staff. She is a confident bull but with charm. She genuinely cares for Sherman and is beyond impressed at his abilities. But she knows how stubborn he is and has to deal with that to get her job done.

Please do not worry about age range. Any age can play these roles.

You can choose which character you want to play

Please only upload 1 scene.

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