Acting Class – Intermediate to Advanced IN ROOM CLASS Thursdays

Sean Hall:


ACTING CLASSES BACK IN THE ROOM FEEL THAT ENERGY OF A BUNCH OF ACTORS, IN A ROOM DELVING INTO CHARACTER AND TEXT?SAC Monday’s are back in the room and given our sold out class, people are loving being back in the room!

Acting is not something that happens in isolation. It’s not something you can do on your own which is why acting classes are crucial. No matter your level, constantly acting, in a challenging environment can only better your game.  Sean brings his skills as an actor and amazing coach who has worked at NIDA and many other credible institutions to SAC. He will work deeply with each actor to help them discover their craft on a more intimate and insightful level. Sean’s skill is helping actors break through, to go past what they think is even possible.  He will take you places!! 

Check out his work below.

Actors will work with scripts each week looking to discover new possibilities.  In a safe, inviting and encouraging atmosphere, actors get to really dig their claws into their characters and text and work on a much deeper level. The option is left open for actors to work on the same material for multiple weeks, offering them the opportunity to discover multiple layers in their character, scene and ultimately… themselves as an actor.

This class follows the SAC ethos of pushing actors without the need to be perfect to do the scene “correctly”. We encourage failing forward, taking chances and confident risks to bring out new aspects of the scene and the actor themselves. How will you know what you can do it you don’t go to the edge of yourself?


Scenes will be recorded and offered to actors via USB at the end of class. 

SAC IS A COMPETITION FREE ZONE. We do not celebrate perfection or actors competing against each other. We celebrate actors who challenge themselves to grow and discover. We celebrate actors who encourage and support their peers in class. SAC encourages the art of failure, and instilling in our actors that failure is great, understanding how to fail successfully is crucial for success in your career. The SAC motto is simple – HAVE FUN!

Class goes from 7pm to 10pm. Thursday nights and run for 8 weeks.

If you prefer self taping or Zoom classes, SAC has been running super successful online acting classes since the covid-19 lockdown.

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