Thursday Scene Study – Intermediate to Advanced

Emma Jackson:


If you feel like you need extra motivation then this class is for you. Emma brings her hands on and physical approach and her work as an actor, director and corporate coach to help guide professional actors even further, unlock emotional and or mental blocks and get the best out of you.

Focus is spent on each actors needs. Some actors will work with a new scene each week while some may choose to work on the same scene for a few weeks. it all depends on each actors needs and what they want to work on.

This class is fluid in nature and is actor focused instead of curriculum focused. It is a class about discovering yourself as an actor and how you as the human vessel can be best open to find the intricacies and nuances of scenes.

It is a fun, safe, relaxed and most of all supportive environment. It is not about dong perfect scenes but more about growing as an actor by being pushed to your limits.

Class goes from 7pm to 10pm

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