Tuesday Acting Class – Intermediate to Advanced

Socratis Otto:


Socratis’ approach is simple – he guides students away from their inner critic and refocuses their understanding of ‘the work’, providing practical steps to assist in remaining present and free. He breaks down perceptions about acting and the industry and works closely with each student to reset confidence in their approach to working on scripts, with camera, in auditions, and with each other.

“Acting should be enjoyable right? Why then do we seem to surrender the fun and get bogged down by needing to do it ‘right’? Get overwhelmed thinking we’ll mess up, forget the dreaded lines and fail?”  

His classes remain safe, inclusive and are always inspiring. He maintains a focus and connection long after each session and selects specific material to suit student’s goals set for each term.

Class goes from 7pm to 10pm

Email marti@sydneyactorscollective.com to reserve a place

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