Standup comedy guru Baron Vaughn is joining Sydney Actors Collective to pass on his comedy genius.

Baron Vaughn is not only a decorated actor, working as a series regular on Netflix’s mega hit FRANKIE AND GRACE, SUPERSTORE, BLACKISH and more he is also a veteran Stand Up comic.

Baron has featured as a stand up on CONAN, SXSW on Apple TV, the world’s premiere destination for stand up comedy JUST FOR LAUGHS and way too many more to mention. Just Google Baron Vaughn and sit back!

Click here to check out Baron Vaughn at SXSW

Baron will be taking a 6 week online stand up workshop. This workshop is for actors/stand ups who are looking to delve into standup or further their own stand up career. You will spend 6 weeks working on the form of stand up and your own personal material with Baron guiding and mentoring you.

Baron’s words on what the course will deal with.

“In this class you’ll learn the mental fun of Stand-Up Comedy. Stand-Up is an ongoing conversation with oneself and culture at large. Our goal is to help you explore the ways you want to participate in that conversation by discussing various theories and approaches to the art of Stand-Up Comedy, by examining the ways the masters approach it, and, most importantly, by uncovering what you believe is funny and authentic to you. 

We will start with the basics: writing a joke. The joke is the building block of all Stand-Up. We will learn the molecular structure of a joke, identify the different parts of a joke, and how to think in joke structure. We will learn how any joke portrays a worldview, and how the way a joke sounds and moves can change depending on the context in which it is told or received.

From there, we will move into discovering and realizing one’s point of view, and how to tune the jokes you write into what will be your individual comedic voice.” – Baron Vaughn


Duration: 6 Weeks

Start date: Australia Sunday March 31st, USA Saturday 30th March.

Time: Australia 9.30am, USA 2.30pm Pacific Time for 3hrs.

Cost: $600AUD (For Australian Actors), $400USD (For US and international actors)

Attendees: Limited to 14 people only

After the first 6 week term, we will offer another 6 week term to develop an actual stand up set which will then be performed to an audience.

Please email to register your interest and take your stand up game to the next level, with one of the masters of stand up comedy.

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